Mouthwash For Kids

Mouthwash is an extremely important part of the oral hygiene routine. When you brush and floss, all those particles and bad germs are still in there, so you must rinse them out with a good cleaner to ensure your mouth is truly clean. There are many types of mouthwashes, including ones with alcohol in them, which isn’t very safe for little ones. Alcohol can be found in most mouthwash brands because it kills all the bad bacteria and breaks down old food particles in your mouth. It also reaches places that brushing and flossing does not. It gives you an all over clean. Getting little kids to use mouthwash properly can be a bit tricky at times. Some may think it tastes great, so they want to swallow it, and that isn’t very good. This is especially true if the mouthwash has alcohol in it. Luckily, there are many brands who have dedicated quite a bit of time, money, and research to find the best formula for kids to use. 
When Can My Kids Safely Use Mouthwash?
This will depend on the maturity of your child. Most brands do not recommend your child using mouthwash until they are at least six. This number isn’t a definitive answer to the question though. If a four-year-old child is mature enough to swish mouthwash around and spit it all out, then they are old enough to use it. Just be sure to use a kid-friendly mouthwash to make it easier on them. 
What Ingredients Should I Avoid?
Your kids’ mouthwash should not have alcohol in it. It is the stuff that makes it burn a bit when used. Kids don’t like the burning sensation, and, it can be harmful if they swallow it. All kid’s mouthwash does not have alcohol in them. Another is fluoride. Fluoride is a mineral naturally found in foods and water, and helps remineralizes teeth, preventing decay by a significant amount. However, too much fluoride intake can lead to a cosmetic problem such as brown spots and discoloration, called fluorosis. If your child doesn’t swallow their toothpaste or mouthwash, then you mustn’t worry. 
Do a little test to see if your child is ready for mouthwash. Have them take a sip of water, have them swish it around, and watch them spit as they would with mouthwash. If you are confident in their ability to do the process correctly, then they are ready for mouthwash.  
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