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San Ramon Cosmetic Dentist On Putting Some Hops In Your Oral Health

Beer is one of the oldest and most popular beverages enjoyed worldwide. And your San Ramon cosmetic dentist knows that a few patients may enjoy kicking back with one of these cold beverages after a long day's work, but let us be clear: we do not encourage excessive or underage drinking one bit.

With that said, what could this discussion of beer have to the do with dentistry?

As it turns out, new studies are establishing a link between hops, a flower used in beers, and oral health!

You will find hops, a bitter tasting female flower, in such beers as Pales Ales or IPAs, those drinks that lean much more on the "craft" oriented side of things. These ingredients were used originally for preserving beers over long shipments, and still maintain that ability, despite technological advancements in shipping today. However, brewers will predominately use them now to give a beer a distinctly bitter, piney note.

Like any plant found in the wild, hops have several "ingredients" or factors that make them unique as well. It is this chemical makeup in various hops that is said to help eliminate bacteria and plaque in the mouth that can lead to gum disease.

That is not to say that you can replace your mouthwash, brushing or flossing activities with a pint or two daily. As in most things, overindulgence can lead to potential harm instead.

These beers contain sugars, which like any sugary beverage, can lead to corrosion, decay, cavities, disease and more if overdone or not cleaned up after. Many darker beers actually can stain the teeth too, very similarly to how coffee drinkers may see discoloration in their smiles over time.

Moderation is key when it comes to enjoying your hoppy beer or any alcoholic beverage. Take in the gum healthy benefits of a nice IPA every once and a while, but do not forget to brush and floss daily either to maintain your amazing oral health.

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