Enhanced Patient Safety

Cosmetic Dentist In San Ramon Discusses How Mouth Guards Can Save Your Smile

It's no surprise that protecting your teeth is an important part of your everyday routine, but there is more than one way to do it. Some people suffer from dental issues that they may not have control over, like teeth grinding and accidents. Below, your cosmetic dentist in San Ramon discusses mouth guards and their importance in dentistry.

There are several ways that patients can get their hands on mouth guards. If you go to a sports store or a pharmacy, people can easily get a handful of them at the store for a small amount of money. These are simple, disposable, and are mostly used for young children when they play sports.

It's not popular for children and young teens to get custom-made mouth guards for sports, but it's highly recommended. Mouth guards for the top row of teeth are also preferred since they're more likely to be damaged. There are countless sports that don't use protective helmets or provide their own mouth guards, so we recommend protecting your teeth at every instance.

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