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Celebrating The First Tooth

It is common for people not to celebrate when their child's first tooth comes in, but your pediatric dentist in San Ramon wants to ensure that your baby has the celebration deserved!

In many other cultures, it is common to have a big celebration when a child's first tooth breaks through the gums. There have been many recorded traditions in history that document other cultures celebrating in many different ways.

A long time ago, early Christians would celebrate the appearance of a baby's first tooth. They would hold off on baptizing the child until the first tooth emerged. After they had their baptism, the baby would be given "tooth money." In ancient times the Scandinavians and Germans would tie the fang of a wolf or boar around a teething babies neck. They believed that this would help their child to grow strong and healthy teeth.

The Armenian communities would celebrate by having the mother of the child prepare a special wheat dish. A scarf is placed over the infants head, and then the wheat dish is sprinkled on top. After this, 5 items are placed in front of the infant, and which ever item the child chooses signifies their career path later on. For example if the touch a hammer, it was believed that they would be a builder!

Don't let your child's first tooth go uncelebrated! Be sure to start your own family traditions and celebrate the first step on your child's journey to strong, healthy teeth. Once their first tooth does come in, be sure to contact your pediatric dentist in San Ramon so that your baby could have their first check up! We will ensure that your baby's tooth is coming in correctly and healthy. Call (925) 804-6440 to schedule an appointment.