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Desiring Smaller Teeth

Many people dream of having a smile like celebrities, but aren't sure how their cosmetic dentist in San Ramon can help. Most people desire that their teeth be whiter and bigger. However, there are some people, surprisingly, that desire the opposite! Although they may share the same desire for whiter teeth, many people desire that their teeth be made smaller.

What Do I Do If I Think My Teeth Are Too Big?

Don't worry, if you are insecure about your teeth being too big, there are solutions to your problem! So, what can you do? Well, there are typically a couple procedures don't to achieve this desire. Your cosmetic dentist in San Ramon can reshape teeth of patients who desire a smaller set of pearly whites.

The procedure done to decrease the size of a tooth is typically known as recontouring, striping, and slenderizing. Some people even refer to it as "shaving" the tooth.

What Does Recontouring The Teeth Involve?

This procedure typically requires that the dentist removes a small portion of enamel or your teeth (or tooth) in order to reshape it and/or alter its' length. In order to be an eligible candidate for this procedure, your teeth must be healthy and have a thick layer of enamel protecting the dentin.

Dentin is the material underneath the enamel. The enamel protects the dentin, and if there is not enough enamel to "shave," then the tooth will not be protected. Typically, it can be determined whether or not you are eligible for this procedure with the use of x-rays.

If you are considering recontouring or any other dental procedure, be sure to consult with the best cosmetic dentist in San Ramon, Dr. Kachalia, before making any decisions. To talk to your dentist about which procedure is right for you, call (925) 804-6440.