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San Ramon Dentist on How You Eat

While taking a look at some of the other blogs compiled by your San Ramon dentist, a trend may start to emerge. We frequently cover the topics of diet and how it relates to the health of the teeth and mouth because it is essential information. And where most of those blogs tend to focus on the "what," the quality and make-up of ingredients you may eat, today we will be looking at other impacting factors under the umbrella of "how" you eat.

Pace can be an important factor in how you eat. If you devour your food too quickly you can be not allowing saliva to naturally start breaking down your meal before it enters your digestive system. This can impact your teeth by having problems like acid reflux and a lack of proper nutrient absorption arise. Take your time to chew every bite thoroughly to avoid your food coming back to haunt your whole mouth.

Order can also play an essential role in diet. Typically, most patients want their dessert after the main course, but that may not be the best option for your teeth. By having the sweets first, you can be washing down any detrimental sugars that may accumulate thanks to that cake or cookie with the following entre food and drink. Throw the order of the five course meal on its head every once and a while, but never forget to brush after.

Lastly, quantity of certain foods can also have negative impacts on mouth health. And though it technically links to "quality" of foods as well, it should be paid attention to strictly. Rather eating a king-size candy bar at once or a hundred bite-size candy bars over the course of the day, the greater the quantity and amount of time sugars and acids spent in our mouth, the worse. If you need to get a sweet tooth fix, lowering the quantity and number of times per day it is sought after will make for a better result overall.

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