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Cosmetic Dentist in San Ramon Discusses What To Do If Your Filling Is Discolored

As a cosmetic dentist in San Ramon, Dr. Kachalia has many patients that desire teeth whitening treatments, as well as whiter teeth. Many patients have come into our San Ramon dental office asking if they need to have their filling replaced because it is no longer white.

Fillings often change color overtime. Composite-resin fillings are a mixture of materials, and they do contain some plastic contents. These contents can be porous an cause the filling to discolor and/or stain overtime. They may eventually begin to appear yellowish, especially without proper oral hygiene habits.

However, if your filling is no longer white, a teeth whitening procedure is not the answer—in fact, many teeth whitening procedures only work on natural tooth enamel!

So how do you fix a discolored filling?

Well, one of the solutions is to get a new one, however, depending on the patient, this may not be the best solution. Often with these types of fillings, the surface is the only discolored area. By having your San Ramon Dentist scratch away a thin portion of the top layer your filling could look as white as when you first had the procedure done!

Fillings last for a long time, and you probably won't need a filling redone until years after the initial procedure. It is important to visit your dentist as recommended in order to ensure that your filling is kept intact so that it will last for years to come.

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