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Healthy Teeth For Your Child

Your pediatric dentist in San Ramon, CA, knows that you do everything you can for your child, however, some of the things you think are good, may actually be bad! Many parents give their children "healthy" treats, but what they do not realize is that these treats are actually unhealthy for the teeth. Many treats are branded as healthy alternatives; however, they actually contain just as much sugar, sometimes even more. These sugary treats can contribute to tooth decay in children.

Juice may sound like a better alternative to carbonated soda; however, often it is not. Juices contain sugar: whether it be natural or added, it is still bad to oral health. Juices can also be highly acidic which has been another contributing factor to tooth enamel wear. Just because Juice is just as bad, maybe worse, than soda doesn't mean that soda is recommended over juice. Neither is typically recommended, the best beverage you can give your child is water.

Another important step to maintain healthy teeth in your child is to be sure to take them to the dentist every 6 months. A common misconception is that babies don't need to go to the dentist until they are older, however, it is recommended that kids go as young as 1.

Ensure your child has the healthiest teeth they can for years to come, and schedule an appointment with your pediatric dentist in San Ramon CA by calling (925) 804-6440.