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Dentist San Ramon Explains How To Handle Dental Plaque

As a dentist in San Ramon, Dr. Kachalia has seen many patients that suffer from a buildup of dental plaque. Even with careful brushing and flossing, dental plaque can still buildup. Plaque is a serious threat to your oral health, and keeping up with your dental checkups can help to keep plaque levels at bay.

What is dental plaque?

Dental plaque is a thin sticky layer of biofilm made up of bacteria that covers the surface area of the teeth. Plaque consists of bacteria that feeds off of sugars through the things we eat and drink. These bacteria create an acidic byproduct that continuously attacks our enamel.

What happens if dental plaque is not removed?

If you do not remove dental plaque, your dentist San Ramon warns that you will be at higher risk of experiencing oral health problems. For example, you will be more likely to develop cavities and suffer from gum disease later on.

Dental plaque that is left untouched for longer periods of time may transform into a hardened substance, known as tartar. Tartar is a hardened form of plaque and I can be very difficult to remove. If your teeth are covered in tartar, you will probably need to visit your dentist to have it removed.

How can you remove dental plaque?

Removing dental plaque can be fairly easy-especially if you keep up with it. The best way to remove dental plaque is to practice preventative dentistry techniques. This means brushing, flossing, and keeping up with your dental visits.

Brushing can help to remove 65% of plaque from the surface areas of your teeth. However; there are spaces in your mouth that the toothbrush cannot access-this is where flossing comes in!

Flossing will remove the remaining 35% of bacteria from your mouth. Dental floss can reach the small spaces between the teeth and along the gumline. Flossing once a day can significantly help in preventing periodontal disease.

For information on how to brush and floss properly, or to schedule an appointment for your next dental checkup, contact your dentist in San Ramon by calling (925) 804-6440.