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San Ramon Cosmetic Dentist Examines Your Sensitive Teeth

"You've got a lot of nerve!"

Well, nerves, yes...and in the case of your mouth that statement could not be any more true. About half of the world's population claim to have some kind of sensitivity when it comes to their teeth, and that all boils down to nerves. Rather it be after drinking a hot cup of coffee or indulging in some cold ice cream, you get an ache in your mouth you simply cannot shake. Your San Ramon Cosmetic Dentist knows your pain and wants you to know some causes and prevention methods for your delicate teeth problem.

As it turns out, we can be doing a lot of damage by trying to prevent any issues in the first place. Improperly brushing the teeth or flossing, too hard, too frequently or without the right tool can adversely affect the enamel and leave you exposed. On the other side of the coin, gum disease brought on by the lack of oral hygiene can also lead to issues with sensitivity.

Our diets and the very same foods that trigger our pain can also be the ones causing the distress. That hot morning beverage contains high levels of acid that can, over time, wear away the protective coatings of the teeth. The sugary, cold desert you have after dinner also has the ability to erode the teeth, leaving nerves ultimately exposed. Cutting down on these and related edible offenders can stop the pain before you even take that next, unpleasant sip.

Overall, proper oral health practices on your behalf, a healthy diet and regular visits with your San Ramon Cosmetic Dentist could help prevent or halt teeth sensitivity altogether. Call (925) 804-6440 to make your appointment today!