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Cosmetic Dentist San Ramon Shares Benefits Of 3D Printing

As your Cosmetic Dentists in San Ramon, we want your smile to be restored as quickly as possible. Whether you are coming in for a simple porcelain crown or full smile-reconstruction surgery, we want to get you your dream smile.

Typically, most cosmetic procedures require multiple dental visits. Often molds need to be taken of the patients' teeth, and then they are sent off to a dental laboratory. Once the product is produced, according to the mold, the patient returns to their dentist where the final product will be placed.

Imagine needing a dental crown or implant and having it all completed in one visit! With new and upcoming technology this may happen sooner rather than later. It has been revealed in recent studies that3D printing has already begun to change the healthcare world as we know it.

By using digital renderings of patient's teeth, a dental lab can quickly print a dental component. The product is then sent back to the dentist's office in days instead of weeks, and at a fraction of the cost. This can benefit both the patient and the doctor! The doctor can perform more of the same procedures in a fraction of the time, and the procedures will be more affordable to the patients.

3D printers and the material used, however, are still very expensive. Many dental practices have not yet invested in them, however, by 2019 the use of 3D printers in the healthcare industry is expected to spike at least 15.4% per year!

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