Enhanced Patient Safety

Protect Yourself With A Mouthguard

As a pediatric dentist in San Ramon, Dr. Kachalia has seen many dental emergencies occurring in children as a result of playing rough sports. Of course it is almost impossible to predict a dental emergency; however, it is certainly possible to try your best to avoid them!

There are many different tips to avoid dental emergencies. It is especially difficult to prevent emergencies in children. Children are often filled with a lot of energy and enjoy rough housing and playing sports. Many times in the process, they injure their teeth.

How can oral injuries be prevented?

Well, there are multiple ways in which they can be prevented. Of course one of the most important tips is to keep a close eye on your child. Try to watch them and make sure they aren't doing anything that can get them severely injured in any way possible. It is also highly recommended to have your child wear a mouth guard!

Many people dismiss the idea of wearing mouth guard, especially because they think it won't protect them in the activity they are participating in. Often during a friendly game of basketball, or even during a bike ride through the park, people don't think that mouth guards will come in handy. Surprisingly, however, dental emergencies and injuries during these activities are more common than most people think.

National Facial Protection Month in April offers dental professionals the opportunity to promote children and adults to use protective mouth guards during sports and certain recreational activities such as rollerblading and skateboarding. Although it may already be August, there is still a good month left of summer. Protect your child from oral injuries!

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