Trios Scanner

Innovative Dental Concepts has invested in a top of the line radiation free digital impression system that allows a highly accurate, digital 3D image of the individual characteristics of your tooth surfaces and gum tissue. The Trios scanner is all about keeping you comfortable while delivering precise imagery, without the putty-filled impression tray that makes many people gag.

Trios Scanner

Gendex GXS-700

For the latest advancement in digital x-rays, Dr. Kachalia and Dr. Duncan have added the Gendex GXS-700 to their dental offices. It offers the highest quality image capture as well comfort for patients of all ages.

Radiation Free Imaging

CariVu – Radiation Free Caries Detection Device

A brilliant new approach to discovering caries and cracks.

DEXIS CariVu™ is a compact, portable caries detection device that uses patented transillumination technology to support the identification of occlusal, interproximal and recurrent carious lesions and cracks. By hugging the tooth and bathing it in safe, near-infrared light, CariVu’s transillumination technology makes the enamel appear transparent while porous lesions trap and absorb the light. This unique caries detector allows the clinician to see through the tooth exposing its structure and the actual structure of any carious lesions with very high accuracy.


CariScreen Bacterial Testing

The CariScreen Caries Susceptibility Test is a simple 1-minute chair-side bacterial test for assessing patients' caries risk. The patent pending CariScreen uses ATP bioluminescence to identify oral bacterial load and has been proven to correlate with patients' risk for decay. Click here to read research on the CariScreen.

Digital Cavity Detection – Spectra Caries Detection

Spectra is the only caries detection aid that works like Doppler radar to discover caries earlier. Early detection means pinpointing problems at an earlier stage, which traditionally go undetected. This leads to more conservation and less excavation. Spectra uses fluorescence to detect caries in fissures and smooth surfaces that may go unnoticed in X-ray images.

VELscope Oral Cancer Examination

Approximately 36,540 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer of the oral cavity and pharynx in 2010. During the same time period 7,880 Americans will die of oral cancer. *

One of the VELscope system's most important tasks is to help identify areas that might, if not identified and treated, progress to oral cancer. The statistics below, from the National Cancer Institute's SEER Databse, 1999-2006, are a compelling argument for regular VELscope exams:

  • Found early, while still Localized (confined to the primary site), oral cancer's five-year survival rate is good: about 83%. Only 33% of all oral cancer discoveries fall into this category.
  • Found while Regional (progressed to regional lymph nodes) the five-year survival rate drops significantly, to about 55%. Approximately 46% of all oral cancer discoveries are Regional.
  • Found late, oral cancer's five-year survival rate is poor: approximately 32%. This accounts for approximately 14% of all oral cancer findings.

Clearly, finding oral cancer in its early stages is key to survival. The VELscope Vx offers hope for the early discovery of oral precancers and cancers, by providing your dentist or hygienist with visual information that may not be apparent under ordinary light.

How Does the VELscope Work?

The VELscope's blue light "excites" molecules (called "fluorophores") deep within the layers of oral mucosal tissues. In turn, those fluorophores emit their own light (fluorescence), in shades of green, yellow and red. The VELscope's proprietary filter makes fluorescence visualization possible, by blocking reflected blue light, and by enhancing the contrast between normal and abnormal tissue.

Now It’s Possible: Reversing Numbness with OraVerse

Now you can get on with your day after routine dental procedures thanks to a new product that reverses the effects of local anesthesia. This new measure of comfort is for patients who dislike the lingering numbness that can last for 3-5 hours after leaving our office.

To deliver superior care, we're always finding better ways to ensure your comfort and improve your dental experience. OraVerse is the first and only product proven safe and effective in accelerating a return to normal sensation and function after a local anesthetic containing a vasoconstrictor has been used. So now in about half the time, you'll be talking, smiling and drinking just like normal.1 And OraVerse can benefit nearly any patient, but is not recommended for children under 6 years of age or weighing less than 15 kg (33 lbs).

We want you to have the most comfortable experience possible. It's a commitment that begins when you walk in the door and extends long after you leave. So if you're among the many patients who dislike lingering numbness and its limitations, let's discuss whether OraVerse is the right choice for you during your next dental visit.

Important Safety Information

Tachycardia, bradycardia, and cardiac arrhythmias may occur with the use of phentolamine or other alpha-adrenergic blocking agents. Although such effects are uncommon with OraVerse (phentolamine mesylate), clinicians should be alert to the signs and symptoms of these events, particularly in patients with a history of cardiovascular disease. Following parenteral use of phentolamine at doses between 5 to 15 times higher than the recommended dose of OraVerse, myocardial infarction, and cerebrovascular spasm and occlusion have been reported, usually in association with marked hypotensive episodes producing shock-like states.

Isolite Dryfield Illuminator

The award-winning Isolite™ dryfield illuminator state-of-the-art dental isolation system delivers a clear, well-lighted and open patient mouth. The combination of comfortable tongue and cheek retraction, continuous hands-free aspiration, and illumination helps speed dental procedures by 20-30% while improving dental outcomes. What's more, the Isolite mouthpiece protects the patient's airway and delivers a more comfortable dental experience.

From the patient perspective, the Isolite dryfield illuminator is dream! Instead of the patient having to strain to keep their mouth open for the entire procedure, the incredibly soft Isolite mouthpiece holds the patient's mouth gently open. Additionally, Isolite reduces the stress of having to keep your tongue out of the way of dental instruments.

Your tongue is comfortable, safe and you can just sit back and relax. With Isolite, you'll enjoy a dental procedure with no more saliva building up in your mouth making you choose between drowning or drooling! The Isolite continuously evacuates fluids throughout the procedure. We know that you will enjoy Isolite isolation technology for your dental visit and we think you'll agree that this is a superior way to experience dentistry.

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