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If a tooth or teeth are severely damaged and/or decayed, the best option is usually a dental crown. Dental crowns are used in these situations because fillings will not cover a large surface area. The crown encases the tooth and protects it from further damage and decay. The crown acts as a protective shell and will prevent further damage or decay, as well as improve the overall appearance of the tooth. While crowns come in different materials, the most common crowns typically have some mixture of porcelain in them to give them a look and feel similar to a natural tooth. The help to restore teeth back to their natural shape and appearance.

How Dental Porcelain Crowns Are Made

During the first, the dentist typically makes an impression of the tooth, and then the impression is sent to a laboratory where a unique permanent crown will be created. Typically, a portion of your tooth will have to be removed for the crown to fit properly, and your tooth may require filing. After the dentist reshapes your tooth, they will use a special material to create the impression of it. Before sending you home, the dentist will provide you with a temporary crown to cover your tooth in between visits.

When you return, your dentist will have received the permanent crown from the laboratory. They will remove the temporary crown and fit the new permanent one. Before cementing the permanent crown in place, they will ensure that it fits comfortably and matches the color of your teeth.

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