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6 Healthy Habits For Kids

Not too many children look forward to brushing their teeth. It is an important habit to teach them because it ensures they remain healthy and happy. The earlier you begin brushing your child’s teeth, the sooner they will learn to continue these good habits for the remainder of their lives.

6 Habits to Encourage

Habits can be learned; good and bad. Kids are very formidable in these early years, so it is important to teach them how to brush their teeth now. This will help them to have a healthy smile full of white teeth and pink gums. Here are 6 habits that must be taught:

  1. Brushing teeth after breakfast and before bedtime every night is critical. This will become a habit that kids will automatically do when they are older.

  2. Floss daily! While it isn’t as important when in the day this gets done, many parents like this to be completed before bedtime. The sooner you teach flossing, the more likely your kids will retain the habit.

  3. Teach kids to spit in the sink. Many children naturally want to swallow the toothpaste. While it may seem difficult to them at first, it is something that is easily learned with practice.

  4. Brush their gums along with the teeth and do it gently. The massaging action on the gums encourages overall good oral health.

  5. Avoid too much sugar as this can create more plaque on their teeth. The younger they are when they eat a healthy diet, the more likely this habit will continue into adulthood.

  6. Always have them take their time when brushing their teeth. This is not a race and there is nothing to gain from getting the job done quickly. When kids rush to get done, they will inevitably miss vital parts of the mouth that need to be cleaned.

Tips to Get Kids Excited About Brushing

Having kids excited about their oral care may seem like a lot of work, but it is possible. Instead of fighting them on the issues, try these tips to encourage a desire in them for brushing:

  1. Teach them what can happen to their teeth if they don’t brush them.

  2. Reward them when they do a great job brushing their teeth.

  3. Make this time together enjoyable and fun; something they look forward to doing.

If you find that you child begins to have issues with their teeth or gums, be sure to contact Innovative Dental Concepts, your top pediatric dentist in San Ramon. Don’t let issues go unresolved as they could easily become bigger problems.

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