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Achieving The Smile You Want

Many different aspects go into a beautiful smile. You and your cosmetic dentist in San Ramon, CA, may have different opinions on what it is that truly makes a smile beautiful. If you are considering cosmetic dentistry it is important that you work with your dentist to clearly state what it is you want to accomplish.

As a patient you hold a different perception of a smile than your dentist does. A cosmetic dentist will focus on an overall vision of the smile including the face, lips, gums as well as personality, hair and skin. A patient, however, tends to focus more on one element of the smile. Some aspects to consider in order to best communicate with your cosmetic dentist include: How white you want your teeth to be, teeth to lip ratio when smiling and relaxed, amount of gum that shows when you smile and how perfect you want your alignment.

The first meeting between you and your cosmetic dentist in San Ramon will include a conventional and esthetic evaluation. The conventional portion involves an examination of your gums and teeth and can involve the taking of X-rays. The esthetic part of the meeting deals more with what exactly you would like to accomplish. This is where communication is key.

Previewing your new smile is an ideal way to see if you are happy with how it looks or if you want to continue working on it. There are different ways to do this, including computer imaging, mock-ups, and temporary restorations. A computer image offers the most flexibility to change your mind about what you do not like. A wax or resin mock-up provides a three-dimensional view of your finished product. A temporary restoration is a trial run for the final restoration, and allows you to experience how it would feel in your mouth. You are able to see how it interacts with your gums, lips and how it behaves when biting and talking.

Communication between you and your cosmetic dentist, San Ramon, is key in order to work together and create your perfect smile. Call (925) 804-6440 to schedule an appointment for your San Ramon smile makeover today!

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