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Dental Implant Innovator

History Of Dental Implants By San Ramon Dentist

As key providers of dental implants in San Ramon, we believe we must know where we came from in order to move into the future. That is why the studies and findings of Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark are so crucial to what we do, but may not necessarily be common knowledge to all of our patients.

The purpose of the doctor's studies was to find a "better way" to replace missing teeth and to more steadily anchor dentures in certain patients. He believed giving back the true feeling of chewing and digesting our food was greatly overlooked, yet essential for all human beings to be a part of.

Up until this point, the usage of synthetic materials, such as titanium, in reconstructive issues was not unheard of, but not common place...yet That all changed when the doctor presented many of his findings to his colleagues, and some of his skeptics, at a Canadian dental conference in 1982. Just as the doctor spent a majority of his life researching and practicing the binding of these materials to living tissue, he also spent a great portion of it proving doubters of these techniques wrong. It was over these few days Branemark changed the ways of tooth replacement forever.

In time, his research was built further upon by like-minded dentists and scientists and paved ways for single and multi-tooth replacements, dental bridge support and partial denture stabilization treatments. All of these options and abilities that we barely blink twice at in the modern era all had major prior steps taken by a man who simply wanted the best for all patients alike.

Having missing teeth can not only be a cosmetic challenge, but can be detrimental to your overall bite and oral health as well. In what is now considered a relatively basic procedure, in under just a month your "gap issue" can be resolved by Innovative Dental Concepts, the top providers of dental implants in San Ramon.

If you believe you may benefit from a dental implant and wish to make an appointment to discuss your options, please do not hesitate to call (925) 804-6440 today!

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