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Diabetes And Oral Health

San Ramon CA Dentist On Diabetic Detriments

With the rates of diabetes increasing constantly across the United States, your San Ramon CA dentist is more and more seeing patients who are battling this tough disease. And while focus typically is on the whole-body impact of diabetes, Dr. Kachalia is surprised more attention doesn't get paid to the oral health ramifications. After all, diabetics are on average about twice as likely to lose teeth, and one in five complete tooth loss cases are correlated to diabetes somehow.

It would seem that the best means of preventing both oral health woes and diabetic dilemmas would be to floss, brush, monitor blood sugar and watch what you eat...simple, right? Unfortunately, diabetes is a very complex disease that has been known to get out of control quickly and powerfully. The disease could impact oral health of a patient in some of the following ways:

  • Chronic Dry Mouth

  • Infection

  • Altered Taste Profile

  • Gum Disease and More

To review a complete list of the ways diabetes can impact your oral health, head to the following slideshow and informational resource: Click Here.

Never forget, that besides all of the above suggestions on how to take care of both your diabetes and oral health, making and maintaining regular appointments with your San Ramon CA dentist at Innovative Dental Concepts is just as important! Call to schedule your next visit today at (925) 804-6440.

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