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Family Dentist In San Ramon

Looking for a Family Dentist in San Ramon?

If you are looking for a San Ramon family dentist like our office at Innovative Dental Concepts, it is important to understand what a family dentist does!

A family dentist has all of the same basic training as a general dentist but chooses to accept patients of all ages. Both types of dentists focus on preventative dentistry, oral hygiene, and overall oral health. A family dentist is the best choice if you have children, or are planning on having children in the future. A family dentist can treat your child for their entire lifetime!

Drs. Kachalia and Duncan focus on preventative dentistry in their office. Most family dentists provide preventative dentistry in addition to general dentistry. Read more about the types of preventive and general services we offer by clicking HERE.

Most importantly, your San Ramon family dentist develops a life-long relationship with your entire family, in a way that a cosmetic dentist may not. Drs. Kachalia and Duncan are committed to providing your entire family with healthy, beautiful smiles for years to come.

To schedule an appointment, call our San Ramon CA office today at (925) 804-6440 or click here right away!

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