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Flossing Technique

San Ramon Dentist Provides Proper Flossing Technique Tips For Patients

Patients not only see flossing as an inconvenience but completely unnecessary. They believe that just because they brush their teeth, they don't need to floss, but this certainly isn't the case. Flossing is an important part of your daily dental routine that should be executed every time you brush your teeth, or at least once a day, to protect your teeth. Below, your San Ramon CA dentist provides tips on how to properly floss your teeth and why it's so important.

Before you begin, you should prepare a long piece of floss, about 20 inches that you're able to comfortably hold in both hands. Wind most of it around each middle finger and leave a small space left open, about an inch or two.

That empty space that's left should be pinched on each end by your index fingers and thumbs. This is to keep the floss taut for proper use. As you begin to floss, bring the remaining empty space down and slide it up and down between your teeth. As you're bringing it down, remember to be careful and gentle! Your gums are sensitive, so if you snap the floss down, you're more likely to cause bleeding.

Curve the floss around your tooth and use a slow back and forth motion, along with an up and down motion, so you're able to reach every space that you can. It's important to remember to get below the gum line because that's where most of the bacteria and food particles get stuck. This space is extra sensitive, so taking your time and going slow will only benefit you.

Repeat these simple steps for the rest of your teeth and you'll be well on your way to great dental health!

Flossing should be an integral part of your dental routine because you're able to clean away the bacteria and food particles that your toothbrush isn't able to properly clean. If you floss, you're lessening your chances of gum disease, cavities, and multiple other dental issues.

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