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Get To Know The Hidden Details Of Invisalign

See How Invisalign An San Ramon Can Give You A Revolutionary Smile

Innovative Dental Concepts offers comprehensive dental care to families in our local area. We enjoy working with patients of all ages to help them create better oral health and more attractive smiles. One of the ways we do this is by straightening teeth with comfortable, discreet Invisalign. If you have not begun your treatment in our San Ramon office just yet, here are some details you want to know.

  1. Consistency is keyWhen you wear braces to straighten teeth, fixtures are in place 24/7. One of the appealing aspects of Invisalign is that you can remove aligners. Still, without consistent wear, results will take longer to achieve. The intent is for aligners to be worn all the time, except when you eat and when you brush and floss.

  2. Every case is different.Many, many people can get the results they want from Invisalign. However, there are still cases for which conventional treatment with braces is most appropriate. Severe misalignment and malocclusion, or a bad bite, for instance.

  3. Your toothbrush may be your new best friend.In a pinch, it is possible to rinse out your mouth before inserting aligners after a meal. However, as many patients discover, there is no substitute for a good brushing to keep breath fresh and teeth in optimal health.

  4. What you drink matters.Think of it like this. If it can stain enamel, it can stain aligners. Patients are advised to remove aligners when they drink anything other than water. Even though each set of aligners is removed after two weeks, discoloration could occur if carbonated beverages, coffee, tea, or other colored drinks are consumed when aligners are in place.

  5. Nearly undetectable... Nearly.Aligners are clear, thin plastic trays that fit tightly around teeth. Most people do not notice their appearance. What may be noticed from time to time is a slight change in speech. Usually, the minor lisp that occurs during Invisalign treatment happens at the very beginning of treatment, and then resolves completely.

Learn more about Invisalign in our San Ramon office. Call (925) 362-8209.

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