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Is Brushing Twice Not Enough?

Dentist San Ramon On Supplemental Care

Your dentist in San Ramon knows that no patient wants to suffer from the decay and disease that can manifest in the mouth due to an underdone at-home oral health regimen. Brushing twice daily and flossing once are both essential pillars of this type of regimen you should have established for yourself and your young ones. If followed strictly, how can it be that cavities and other dental issues still manage to show up in our mouths? Is brushing twice a day not enough anymore?

The short answer to this, of course, is no. You cannot simply brush twice daily and expect your teeth to be in a perfect condition forever. Too many outside factors and circumstances, such as your diet, teeth alignment and other whole-body-health factors can impact the status of your teeth one way or another.

What can be added to help supplement my at-home regimen then?

Well, for starters, you can make sure you see your dentist in San Ramon for at least twice yearly checkups and cleanings. These cleanings, performed by a skilled dental professional, can eliminate the hard to reach area plaque and/or tartar that may be missed, even by the most diligent home flosser. Coupling this with the dentist's exam and identification of any lingering factors such as teeth crowding or gum problems, is crucial too. That way these issues can be tackled promptly and effectively before they have the time to evolve and worsen.

Lastly, back at home, keeping a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, adding mouthwash and enlisting a fluoride enriched toothpaste can help you battle decay even more than you already may.

Make sure to use proper brushing and flossing technique alongside all of the suggestions listed above to strengthen your at-home regimen and lessen your chance for serious dental issues.

For any questions concerning your at-home regimen, or to schedule one of those very suggested semi-yearly appointments, call the office of your dentist in San Ramon at (925) 804-6440 today!

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