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Keeping Teeth Safe During Summer Sports

Keep Your Teeth Safe This Summer From The Dangers Of Summer Sports

Summer weather means summer activities. Unfortunately, the most common (and let's face it, the most fun) summer activities can expose your teeth to real danger. Below, San Ramon Dentist Dr. Parag Kachalia lists some of those activities that how you can protect your smile while having fun.


Yes, let's get the big one out of the way first. Most of us love to spend a lot of time in the water in June, July, and August yet most of us are unaware of the side-effects if too much time is spent in there. Due to the chemical additives in pool water, those who swim more than six hours a week will be at risk for yellowish-brown stains on their teeth.

This side-effect known as 'swimmers calculus' is caused by salivary proteins forming hard, brown deposits most frequently seen on front teeth.

If this happens to you, give Innovative Dental Concepts a call and schedule a teeth cleaning with one of our fantastic hygienists in our San Ramon Dentist office. We'll take care of it so you can have your bright, white smile back.


If you like to scuba dive, whether away on vacation or a spot locally in San Ramon, you should know the possibility of your activity leading towards joint pain, gum tissue problems, or pain in the center of your tooth.

'Diver's mouth syndrome', is a condition caused by a few different factors. To start, scuba divers tend to bite too hard on the air regulators. Also, if you have a big cavity, gum disease, an incomplete root canal, or a temporary filling, the change in air pressure can cause 'tooth squeeze', a condition where the center of your tooth has a sharp pain and a common symptom of 'divers mouth syndrome'.

Avoid these problems by visiting your San Ramon dentist before scuba diving in order to confirm your dental health is okay. Have a question about the fitting of your air regulator's mouthpiece? We'd love to help!

Soccer, Baseball, Softball, and Other Contact Sports

Did you know that soccer players are more likely to experience a dental-related injury than football players?!

In soccer, mouthguards and facemasks aren't mandatory, meaning the majority of players have no protection for their teeth when the inevitable collision happens. Pick-up games with friends at the park of baseball, basketball, and touch football share the same risks.

If you're going to be playing those sports this summer, do yourself a favor and invest in a mouthguard. Besides protecting your teeth from devastating injury, you'll be protecting your wallet and your beach time by being prepared.

The Academy of General Dentistry estimates that mouthguards prevent more than 200,000 injuries a year!

To select a mouthguard that fits your unique needs, ask Dr. Kachalia and his team at his San Ramon dentist office. Below are just a few different types.

  • Stock mouthguard: The low cost option can be bought "off the shelf" in a drug or sporting goods store. While it is cheap, it is also the least protective of your available options. However, it is certainly better than nothing.

  • Mouth-formed protectors: These mouthguards come as a shell-liner and "boil-and-bite" product from sporting goods stores. The shell is lined with acrylic or rubber. When placed in an athlete's mouth, the protector's lining material molds to the teeth and is allowed to set.

  • Custom-made mouth protectors: The best choice is a customized mouthguard made by your dentist. This is the most expensive option (and may not be covered by your dental plan) but a custom mouthguard offers the best protection, fit and comfort level because it is made from a cast to fit your teeth.

To learn more about mouthguards or to get the A-OKAY from a San Ramon dentist before engaging in summer sport activities, give Dr. Kachalia and his team at Innovative Dental Concepts a call at (925) 804-6440 or visit his appointment request page by clicking here.

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