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National Children's Dental Health Month

Pediatric Dentist In San Ramon Saving Children's Smiles

In just a few days when February graces us with its presence, it will mark the 75th anniversary of the ADA's National Children's Dental Health Month! With your pediatric dentist in San Ramon's dedication to oral health care for patients of all ages, today we wanted to share with you the new poster promoting the upcoming month- as well as to supply our readers with a few tips for children's oral health care.

You can click here to view the new poster for 2016!

As you can see, this year's theme is "Sugar Wars"- which we are sure has everything to do with the immense popularity of a recently released, similarly named movie sequel. To describe the poster in the ADA's own words:

"The Smileys, McGrinns and K9 are in a spaceship, the USS SweetSwatter. It is equipped with toothbrush swatters, fighting against the Sweet Tooth Invaders for good oral health."

Besides giving your children access to their very own spaceship, we recommend going over the following suggestions with your kids so that they develop their own regimens and recognize how important the health of their entire mouth is as they get older:

  • Brush two minutes, two times a day.

  • Clean between your teeth with floss daily.

  • Limit snacks and eat healthy meals.

And last, but not least, make sure you are making regularly scheduled appointments with your pediatric dentist in San Ramon to ensure your child's oral health is the best it can be at all times. Call our office today to schedule an appointment at (925) 804-6440.

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