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Playing Sports & Protecting Teeth

Your San Ramon Dentist On Protecting Teeth During Sports

Participating in sports are a favorite past time for both kids and adults. However, these activities can pose a major risk to your dental health. Common oral injuries during sports include cracked or chipped teeth. In extreme cases, teeth are completely knocked out, especially when playing high contact sports. So, what can be done to lessen the chances of suffering a dental injury? Using a mouth guard has been shown to reduce the risk of dental injuries when playing sports. However, many people are still unaware of just how important these mouth guards are when playing sports.

Why Use a Mouth Guard?

Habits can be learned; good and bad. Kids are very formidable in these early years, so it is important to teach them how to brush their teeth now. This will help them to have a healthy smile full of white teeth and pink gums. Here are 6 habits that must be taught:

Studies show that mouth guards protect the following within your oral cavity:

  • Prevents teeth from cracking, chipping, or being knocked out

  • The presence of the mouth guard prevents players from biting their tongue

  • Protects the soft tissue in the mouth including the gums and jaws

In many sports, especially those that are school or professionally regulated, a mouth guard is considered necessary equipment. Most teams will not let a player participate unless they are wearing a mouth guard.

Types of Mouth Guards

First time wearers are often unsure of what type of mouth guard to get. The key in purchasing is to find one that fits properly. Here are some tips on what to look for:

  1. Do you need upper or lower fitting guards?Some sports that require the person wear a guard that protects both the lower and upper teeth. Ready-made mouth guards are often the basic choice for this concern.

  2. Are you comfortable with a boil and bite mouth guard?These mouth guards will allow you to mold to your teeth at home. However, be aware that these come in various sizes. Make sure this mouth guard to cover all your teeth, not just some.

  3. Custom-made mouth guard provide the most protection. These can be made by your dentist. This is the safest option when it comes to choosing a mouth guard.

If you are participating in sports, be sure to talk with your dentist about protecting your teeth. An appointment discussing prevention will be much more pleasant than one to repair a sports related injury. Call your San Ramon dentist today to learn more and see how you or your loved ones can fully protect their mouths during athletic activities.

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