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Removing Wisdom Teeth

Dentist in San Ramon on Wisdom Teeth Removal

When patients think of the dentist, they often think of cleanings and examinations. However, Dr. Kachalia and Dr. Duncan of San Ramon CA also provides a variety of procedures including oral surgery. Patients with problems associated with their wisdom teeth may need to have them removed, and this can be done at our practice.

The wisdom teeth, or "third molars," are the last of the teeth to erupt through the gum line. Unfortunately, they are known for being extremely problematic. Dr. Kachalia and the team of professionals in his practice often see patients who need to have them removed because they have become impacted or are leaving the smile at risk for periodontal disease. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Our team offers both simple and surgical removal. Simple extractions are done with wisdom teeth that have already come through the gum line. Using a special instrument, the dentist is able to use leverage to wedge the tooth out of the socket. On the other hand, wisdom teeth that have become impacted and are still in the bone of the jaw require special treatment. This is called surgical extraction. The dentist must cut into the gum tissue to access the tooth that has not yet erupted. The procedure is done with proper anesthetics and sedation as necessary to ensure patients are comfortable throughout their surgery. Healing time varies, but most patients are back to work and regular activities just days following their wisdom tooth extraction.

The wisdom teeth are not needed for a healthy smile. Removal is commonplace and is done to eliminate problems that have occurred or to reduce the likelihood of issues developing at a later time. Preventative extractions may also be performed, especially if there are concerns regarding alignment of the teeth if the wisdom teeth do erupt.

San Ramon area patients seeking wisdom teeth removal are encouraged to visit with a dentist for an evaluation. Contact Innovative Dental Concepts today by calling (925) 362-8209 or visiting the practice at 525 Bollinger Canyon Way, Suite 100. Our team of professionals are ready and waiting to help you and your family with their dental health care needs.

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