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Top Dental Symptoms

Cosmetic Dentist In San Ramon On Knowing The Signs

Every patient that your cosmetic dentist in San Ramon treats experiences pain and symptoms differently. For some, a small mouth sore can be excruciating but only last a few days, but others may have a cavity for quite some time they don't even feel.

Tolerances and nerves, of course, play into this idea heavily, but out of all of this, one thing is for sure: when the symptoms present themselves- you have to pay attention to them. No matter if they hurt or not, if you notice a prolonged difference in your oral health, maybe it is time to seek your San Ramon dentist's assistance.

Today we will be discussing the Top 5 Dental Symptoms you can see, and what they may be indicative of:

  1. A toothache: though this can be vast, most toothaches can be caused by cavities. It also can link, however, to gum disease, impaction, infection, abscess and other worse dental issues.

  2. Teeth Sensitivity: one of the most common forms of ache in the world can be caused by your exposure to hot or cold food or beverages. How did it get this way? Eating or drinking too many sugary or acidic dietary options over time wore away the enamel, leaving microscopic holes in the teeth, exposing the nerve. Gum recession, gum disease and teeth fractures can also be a cause.

  3. Bad Breath: we all know that foods and beverages such as onions, garlic and alcohol can cause powerful odors to be emitted from our mouths, but so can brushing or flossing insufficiently, smoking and chronic dry mouth. Bad breath has been linked to cases of gum disease, decay and potential worse dental and whole body health issues.

  4. Sores: a great variety of sores due to bacterial or viral infections, cuts or disease can appear in the mouth. Although these sores may come on from one of these different aforementioned circumstances, if any of them are around longer than a week- it is best to discuss it with your cosmetic dentist in San Ramon.

  5. Bleeding Gums: minor bleeding during your brushing and flossing regimen can be a strong indicator that you are starting to develop some sort of gum disease. And while your routine is "causing" the bleeding, it is in fact because you are not brushing or flossing enough that it could have gotten to this point.

If you are experiencing any of the above dental symptoms for over a week, give your cosmetic dentist in San Ramon a call at (925) 804-6440 today to schedule an appointment.

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