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Wedding Ready Smile

San Ramon CA Dentist Says "I Do" To A Better Smile

In months soon approaching, a majority of us will have to bust out a tuxedo or a nice dress for the wedding of a family member or friend we will be attending. While you can try to dodge it all you want, you inevitably will end up in some photographs of the event or meet a variety of new people. But why go through all the effort of avoiding and lose the "fun element" just because you are not happy with your smile? Today your San Ramon CA dentist is here to discuss a few options, short and long term that can help you have the perfect wedding ready smile.

Let's say that you have approximately a month...a friend asked you to come as a date to a wedding, but you are dreading it because of the shade of your teeth. Well, fear not! With our in-office and take-home whitening services, you can smile confidently. That is right, in just under a month (and many times, in a single session) we use our special bleaching systems to help brighten your smile by multiple shades. The in store toothpastes and mouthwashes can certainly help a bit, but nothing will be as strong or long lasting as a treatment from your San Ramon CA dentist.

What if you have a bit more time to prepare, say about a half a year, but you just had a tooth knocked out in an accident. Thanks to dental implants, you don't need to be sporting a gap in your grin on the big day. In just a few months, you can have a natural looking, natural feeling replacement to your missing tooth (or teeth) that is unlike anything you have ever experienced. This procedure is done by bonding a titanium post to your natural tissue and bone and placing a completely realistic looking crown tooth on top. It takes a few weeks after each certain step to heal, but implants are overall the most efficient, long-lasting and realistic tooth replacement procedure available today.

Lastly, let's assume you have about one to two years before you tie the knot to the person of your dreams...but you have a few things to "straighten out" first. If your teeth aren't perfectly straight and you want to avoid that whole "mouth full of metal" look, you are in luck because clear and invisible braces are a fantastic option. Treatments like Invisalign work by straightening your teeth little by little with a series of removable, hardened medical plastic retainers being replaced every few weeks. You will see not only a higher convenience and comfort level compared to regular braces, but shorter treatment time and of course- higher aesthetic appeal.

To make an appointment or to see if any of these cosmetic treatment plans are right for you, contact your San Ramon CA dentist today at (925) 804-6440.

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