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What A Cleaning Can Do

San Ramon Family Dentist on the Power of Cleanings

As the top family dentists in San Ramon, Innovative Dental Concepts provides general dental treatment to patients of all ages, and their children too. One of the most beneficial procedures we provide is dental cleanings- which patients of all ages should be seeking once every 6 months. At this pace, we are able to not only remove any tartar or plaque from those "hard to reach areas," but are also capable of catching any dental issues that may be brewing before they fully develop- saving you money and time associated with more extensive restorative treatments.

But this is not ALL a cleaning can do for you. Check below to see what else your dental cleaning can do for you!

Freshen Your Breath

Take a minute and think about leaving a piece of fresh food out on the counter for 5 months...not pretty looking or smelling, right? Now consider that the same thing can happen to food in your mouth! Some cases of bad breath can result from built up leftover foods or tartar/plaque in the mouth that hasn't been removed properly. Allow us to get your breath back to the freshest level by giving you a proper cleaning!

Brighten Your Smile

Besides age, diet can be a contributing factor to the shade of our smiles. Beverages like tea, wine, coffee and more can darken our smiles of time- but twice yearly cleanings can help remove some of those built-up stains! Get your smile back to the bright white you love by scheduling your next cleaning today!

Besides the aforementioned benefits, regular cleanings and exams can also help with your overall health. More and more whole-body-health issues, like heart disease and some cancers, have been linked to poor oral hygiene. Do all you can to prevent these ailments with a simple dental cleaning.

For more information on how a dental cleaning can save your smile or to schedule your next appointment with the top family dentists in San Ramon- call our office today at (925) 362-8209.

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