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What To Eat During Summer

Dentist San Ramon Location Gives Tips on Summer Food Alternatives

Since summer is coming, it's time to attend and throw some barbeques! There will be a plethora of foods, drinks, and fun! But one thing that you need to watch out for is the amount of summery food and drink you consume. While your Dentist San Ramon location wants you to enjoy your relaxation time, we here at Innovative Dental Concepts have some alternatives to keep your oral health up!

Green Tea

While iced coffee is all the rage when it gets hot out, iced green tea is a better choice. You won't be staining your teeth as much, and it tastes just as great! Something else that green tea helps you with is bad breath. Coffee leaves a lingering smell that isn't enjoyable, while green tea would eliminate those smells.


Berries are healthy and full of flavor! Unfortunately, a downside of these assorted fruits is the chance of staining your teeth. Drinking water will help rinse out the bacteria and possibility of stains. Instead of smaller snacks like chips and pretzels, which are easier to get stuck in your teeth for longer amounts of time, berries are refreshing and full of antioxidants.


Many people don't think cheese is beneficial, but surprisingly it is! Cheese platters with assorted kinds are not only delicious, but this diary fights cavities and contains protein that strengthens the surface of teeth! It also fights plaque, so there's no reason not to pop a few extra cheese cubes on your plate. Just tell people you're taking extra care of your teeth.

There are other summer substitutes that can make anyone have a healthy, happy summer! If you have more questions about summer food alternatives, click here to make an appointment or call this number (925) 804-6440 today!

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