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Cure For Buck Teeth Now Made Invisible

Family Dentist San Ramon discuss: Cure for Buck Teeth

A smile can be an asset. But smile doesn't always look pleasant. Sometimes, it shows the disturbance in the alignment of teeth which can be caused by genetics, skeletal factors, or malocclusion - when opposing teeth do not mesh normally.

One common condition is buck teeth. These are prominent front teeth that stick out. On top of the change in facial appearance and low self-esteem, this may lead to mouth breathing and inability to eat and chew properly. This condition requires orthodontic work which when started earlier can last longer.

Orthodontic Technology

There are different braces and appliances that are made to provide treatment for different forms of misalignment. One treatment that is gaining popularity today is Invisalign, a straightening alternative for fixed braces made up of transparent, removable (for easy oral hygiene maintenance) orthodontic trays called aligners. They are made up of plastic resin and apply less force and less pain than fixed braces.

Invisalign in Action

Through x-rays and photographs taken by your orthodontist, 3D images are made.

  • Images are sent to and manipulated by staff through a software that shows virtual tooth movement which will determine your treatment plan.

  • Orthodontist reviews, modifies, and approves the plan before a special laser printer custom-made aligners are available for each stage of treatment.

  • Usual treatment plan includes 20-30 aligners, each worn for two weeks, 20-22 hours a day. As the aligners are replaced, teeth slowly move into the desired position.

  • The orthodontist requires regular visit every 6 weeks, making sure that the treatment is going well. Normally, treatment lasts 9-15 months depending on the severity of the buck teeth.

  • Aligners can also be used for teeth whitening since they cover the teeth.

The cure for misalignment always depends on a situation. Always consult your orthodontist before deciding what method to use. Fixing common teeth problem as early as possible can help not only in your dental health but your overall health as well.

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