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Proper Way To Hold Toothbrush

Family Dentist San Ramon Discuss Proper Way To Hold Toothbrush

Doing it right matters in anything we set out to accomplish. Be it sports, academics, driving a car, advancing in career, marriage and family life, having friendships. The results are all about getting the right 'grip' on how it should be done. Practice, practice, practice makes perfect as the cliche goes. (actually the cliche states the word 'practice' only once but 'in spirit' we know practice is an on-going habitual action that allows us to perfect what we set out to accomplish.)

Perfection is a technique that brings us to today's dental topic: the proper technique to brushing and cleaning the teeth. This is a simple step-by-step guide you might want to print out and tape near to the bathroom mirror. Ready? Head down, spread feet, pull the club back and ...oops sorry that's the technique for golf swings. Ok... here we go.

First your tools: you should have a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste or gel, and dental floss with the official American Dental Association seal.

  1. Place the toothbrush at 45-degree angle to the gums.

  2. Gently move the brush back and forth in short tooth wide strokes to clean the teeth of plaque and tartar.

  3. Clean the inner surface of the front teeth tilting brush vertically and brush with several up and down strokes.

  4. Repeat the back and forth and up and down strokes on the outer, inner, and chewing surfaces of all teeth for two minutes time two times a day.

  5. Don't forget to gently brush the tongue where bacteria and plaque can also form.

Follow through with a good dental flossing between the teeth that helps keep the plaque from the all-important gums.

At the next six mouth dental check-up, all should go well and without any problems to contend with. The dental hygienist will perform the tooth buffing and polishing along with scaling teeth to fine-tune the removal of any nasty plaque, and you are done with the exam. It PAY$ to do things right! Treat yourself to a vacation but don't forget to pack the toothbrush and floss!

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