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Take Care Of Your Brush

Dentist In San Ramon On Brush Management

It is no secret that having a healthy smile can lead to an overall healthier and more fulfilling life. In attaining all of this, your secret weapon against all the pesky opponents of your oral health is your tooth brush. The storage and cleaning of your toothbrush is an often overlooked aspect of an at-home regimen, but can be just as crucial as the actual practice of brushing. Your dentist in San Ramon has compiled some information on how to treat your brush properly so that you and your teeth can benefit the most out of every single cleaning.

Before and after brushing, a simple way to reduce risk is by flushing the brush head out with hot water. By coupling this activity with a quick rubbing of the bristles with a finger, you can be clearing out any bacteria that may be clinging on, waiting to sneak back in next time.

Following this, storage is as essential a step as any in maintaining brush health. Make sure your toothbrush is stored upright in a holder that allows it to be air dried properly. By putting little "helmets" on the head, you are interfering with the drying process and even allowing there to be a place for bacteria to fester. Make sure the bristles and head are not making contact with another brush or surface to avoid cross contamination. Additionally, if your toothbrush holder has a closed bottom, make sure to sterilize and wipe out the "slime" (that could be bacteria) that drips and gathers at a low point, as frequently as possible.

Even when following these steps day in and out, you have to know when to part ways with your brush for both of your benefit. Though within a month or so you could be doing enough brushing to cause the bristles to begin fraying, eventually leading to a diminished accuracy of cleaning...every 3 to 4 months you should be tossing out your brush for this and just general reasons of cleanliness.

By maintaining a twice daily brushing routine, proper upkeep on your toothbrush and regularly scheduled visits with your dentist in San Ramon, you are setting yourself up with a successful and brilliant smile for years to come. Call our San Ramon CA office at (925) 804-6440 to make an appointment today.

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