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Dental Emergencies

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As discussed in a previous blog about where you should decide where to go in the event of an accident, we come to understand that accidents and subsequent health emergencies wait for no one. They can pop up at any point and vary in severity, location and circumstance. Your dentist in San Ramon has seen quite a few patients suffering from emergencies of the dental variety, and for that very reason, has compiled the information in this blog. Learn what to do until you can come in and see the doctor in cases of several urgent oral health emergencies. Do not forget, for more serious injuries, please call 9-1-1 or head to a hospital.

No matter the action that brought it on, the cracking or chipping of a tooth can be a traumatic experience for any patient. Following the "blow" that causes this injury, the first step is to wash the mouth out with warm water to reduce the risk of cutting your mouth on any shards of the tooth. If you have any substantial pieces of the tooth that come out, try to hold on to them and store them in milk until your appointment with your dentist in San Ramon. Make sure to keep ice or a cold compress on the area of injury to reduce swelling as well.

ne of the other most frequent dental injuries we see is a patient having their tooth knocked out from various circumstances. If this occurs to you, one of the first steps we suggest is to wash the tooth off then try to place it back in the socket. Do so delicately, not by twisting or forcing it to cause damage to the nerves. If this causes pain or you don't like the idea of it, that is not a problem either. If you can make it to an appointment right away, keep the tooth in between the gum and cheek on your way to the office. If your appointment is not until the following day, try soaking the tooth overnight in milk...never water.

Through the pain you may endure, there is a reprieve in knowing that these issues are fixed quite commonly by your dentist in San Ramon. In order to avoid some of the above emergencies, make sure to watch what you chomp down on and to wear a mouth guard while playing contact sports, these are two of the common causes of cracked and knocked out teeth.

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