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Effects of Soft Drinks on Teeth

A significant percentage of the American population drink at least one can of soda every day. Drinking soft drinks with a high amount of sugar content can cause not-so-desirable effects on your smile. Soft drinks can cause tooth cavities, tooth decay, and other bad effects on our teeth. Let’s find out how.

Your Family Dentist in San Ramon Explains How Soft Drinks Cause Damage to the Teeth and Gums

The sugar content in the soft drinks that you drink interacts with the bacteria that reside in your mouth. Together, they form acid. This kind of acid formed by sugar and bacteria attacks your teeth.

Even without the formation of acid by sugar and bacteria, soft drinks have a high amount of acidic content as well that can harm your teeth. With each swig of soft drinks, your teeth receive a damaging reaction that can last for about 20 minutes. Try to take a sip of soft drink all day and your teeth will receive a constant attack.

Erosion and Cavities

There can be many different damaging effects in drinking soft drinks, but there are two main dental effects of drinking soft drinks: erosion and cavities.

Erosions: Erosion is the loss of enamel, the outermost layer of teeth, caused by an acid attack. Erosion starts as soon as the acid in soft drinks contacts the tooth enamel. The acid reduces the hardness of tooth by attacking the tooth enamel.

Cavities: Soft drinks can also affect the dentin, the second outermost layer of teeth, and even the composite tooth fillings as well. This damage on your tooth enamel will invite tooth cavities. While there are many different causes of cavity formation, soft drinks are one of the most common causes. Combined with poor oral and dental hygiene, there can be a heap of disastrous effects. So, curb the soda and get to your family dentist in San Ramon regularly to avoid cavities.

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