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The Importance Of Early Orthodontics

Your pediatric dentist in San Ramon discusses how important it is to bring children to the orthodontist and/or dentist at an early age. The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children receive their first screening by age 7. This is due to the fact that around age 6 and 7 permanent teeth start to come in, bones are still growing and orthodontic issues are able to be detected.

Orthodontic work on young children is known as interceptive orthodontics. Early interventions can help avoid issues, such as crowding, and lesson jaw and arch problems. A popular interceptive orthodontic device is the palatal expander. This tool expands the upper dental arch of the mouth.

Expanding the arch increases the chance of permanent teeth emerging in the proper place.

Interceptive Orthodontics will not automatically provide perfect teeth; however, it does help fast track children to avoid more orthodontic work later on. Other circumstances that should be addressed in children's early years include cross bites and protruding front teeth.

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