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All About X-Rays And Impressions

San Ramon Area Dentist Offers Digital X-Rays and Digital Impressions

At Innovative Dental Concepts, Drs. Charity Duncan and Parag Kachalia are dedicated to providing some of the latest technologies for use in their practice. Investing in their patients is their number one priority, and this includes purchasing state-of-the-art equipment for diagnostics and treatments. Their practice is proud to offer digital x-rays and digital impressions.

Digital x-rays are a wonderful alternative to more traditional x-rays. They expose patients to much less radiation while taking precise digital images that are used for diagnostics. These x-rays can be pulled up on computer software for examination, and the dentist can easily zoom in on particular areas of interest for crystal clear imaging. This is critical for precision diagnosis.

Additionally, patients can enjoy digital impressions. Impressions are used in many aspects of dentistry. They help in preparing restorations such as crowns, dentures, whitening trays, and porcelain veneers. The traditional approach to making impressions was the use of specialized putty in trays that patients had to wear over the dental arch for an accurate model. These often made patients gag and were incredibly uncomfortable. By using digitized impressions, patients can avoid the cumbersome trays and enjoy more precise fit from their restorations. This eliminates mistakes and problems associated with more traditional impressions which may not be nearly as accurate.

Our practice is proud to provide innovations in dentistry. We use these technologies to offer an ideal service to our patients. Not all dental practices in the San Ramon area have access to these devices, allowing our practice to provide treatment not available elsewhere in the community. Investing in these technologies gives us the opportunity to stand out from the competition while giving our patients peace of mind that their treatments are completed with the best devices and techniques.

Drs. Charity Duncan and Parag Kachalia are devoted to assisting patients in the area with their dental health care needs. Their practice is conveniently located at 525 Bollinger Canyon Way #100 in San Ramon, California. Contact Innovative Dental Concepts today at (925) 362-8209.

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